Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sr. Trip to Seguin, October 25-27 2013

The Sr. Class of Quisqueya Christian School went on our annual hiking weekend to the Seguin Foundation in Seguin, Sud-Est, Haiti. This trip is one of the many programs we do to fulfill our mission “To prepare and equip students to transform the world for the glory of Jesus Christ.” Nineteen students and five adults hiked 10.5 miles to Fondation Seguin, we hiked 2 miles to a waterfall and then did a 3 mile return hike, which included 1.5 miles of creek hiking, on the second day. On the third day, we hiked back out another 10.5 miles for a total of 26 miles in three days with an accumulative elevation gain of over 5,500 feet. During our trip we toured the foundation, viewed a cave, swam, enjoyed a campfire and some gourmet meals and studied the entire book of Ecclesiastes in four devotionals. Highlights of the trip were growing in our relationships with God and with one another, learning about wisdom, unplugging from technology, enjoying God's creation and just being together. This was an amazing trip! (

You can read my coworker, Tara Thorn’s, blog on the trip here:

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