Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jonah: The Man Who Ran

Jonah and the Whale, by Alma Sheppard-Matsuo
Photo provided courtesy of the artist.

We have had a wonderful chapel week this week at Quisqueya Christian School! We had fantastic times of worship and some amazing teaching from four different speakers, covering the entire book of Jonah.

At the beginning of the week, each student received a student-created fact sheet on the book of Jonah and were given the opportunity to Tweet or text their comments or questions for a special Q and A session that summed up the week in our final chapel on Friday.

Each chapel message began with a reading from the chapter of Jonah for that day and a corresponding poem for that chapter. This was a thought provoking and transformational week of learning and growing as we follow Jesus together.

If you are interested in the Jonah Fact Sheet, the poems (Jonah: Out of the Depths—Resurrection), or the Power Points from the talks, please see the links below. 

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