Monday, May 20, 2013

Remembering God’s Faithfulness Together

Stones, photo by Robbie Pruitt © June 2012

Remembering God’s Faithfulness Together
Quisqueya Christian School’s Staff, 2012-2013

“What do these stones mean? These stones shall be for a memorial to the children of Israel forever.”  –Joshua 4:6-7

“I would like to learn, or remember, how to live” –Annie Dillard

1. Christ has died
2. Christ has risen
3. Christ will come again
4. We are thankful
5. We are knowledgeable
6. We are fruitful
7. We are projecting His image
8. We are spreading the good news
9. We are promoting His greatness and goodness
10. We rebelled, He loves us
11. We are blessed
12. We have a place to sleep
13. Our Jesus is awesome and dependable
14. Our marriages are a blessing (for those married)
15. We are alive
16. We are gifted and blessed to teach
17. We get the privileged to tell others about Jesus
18. Many have been or are broken, God heals
19. God has provided for us
20. The Lord disciplines us, because He loves us
21. We have bread without scarcity
22. He gives water to the thirsty
23. He is compassionate toward us
24. God is loving toward us
25. He is merciful, His mercies are new each day
26. God gives us our heart’s desire, when we desire Him
27. Our families bless us
28. God gives us our daily needs
29. He gives us good sleep
30. He brought us out of slavery
31. God is our comforter
32. God is always faithful
33. He cares for us
34. We are nothing without Jesus, but we have Jesus
35. He is our rock
36. Jesus is our teacher
37. His death is our life
38. God is first before all things
39. We have jobs and our needs met
40. We are comforted when we are hurt
41. God heals us
42. God does great things
43. God is our provider and our strength
44. Never once have we ever walked alone
45. God has been there for our families
46. God was faithful during the earthquake
47. God finishes what God starts
48. Our children are a blessing from God
49. God is powerful
50. God is faithful and good
51. We have hope in Christ
52. We have much to be thankful for
53. God is our comfort
54. God is our provider
55. God gives us relationships with each other
56. He is risen!
57. He gives us our daily bread
58. God loves us
59. God speaks to us
60. God desires us
61. God carries us when we are weak
62. God provides, protects and comforts
63. We are not alone
64. We are forgiven
65. God has a plan
66. Christ sacrificed for our sin
67. We have a great cloud of witnesses
68. God is faithful
69. God desires a relationship with us
70. Praise Him! God is here.
71. We remember His death
72. We proclaim His resurrection
73. We wait for His coming in glory

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