Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Planet Wisdom Prayer


The Planet Wisdom Prayer

The Planet wisdom prayer is a prayer that was inspired and given by the movement of the Holy Spirit and was compiled by the prayers of the youth and adults who attended the Planet Wisdom Youth Retreat on March 6th and 7th 2009.

“God help us to fly the white flag of surrender. Turn our doing into being, knowing that you have graded us and have declared us your valedictorians in your Son Jesus. We cannot earn what you have already done on the cross for us. Help us to know our standing with you and in you. Turn our doubts into knowing. Help us to know you as our Ultimate Hero and turn us into heroes for those we love and serve. Help us to surrender, to listen, and to hear you. Help us to know how real you are and to see you how you are. Turn our knowing into deep belief and would the shadow of doubt and unbelief be eclipsed by your presence beside us, behind us, in front of us, and within us. May we worship you in deep intimacy and praise for who you are; would your music guide us along your journey for us; and instead of our fleshly doubt would we clearly see and obey your call and purposes for your life for us. Hear, oh Lord, our prayers and offerings of tears and joy of surrender to your way. Lead us into this way as your unlikely heroes. May we be quick to obey and enter into your adventure for us. Would we be led by you away from our fleshly temptations to be the sluggard, the mocker, or the know-it-all. Would you help us to see the path that you have mapped out for us along this journey that you have us on. May we follow this path without hesitation. Would we love and mentor one another along this journey and help one another in our lives and callings, because we are all in this together; we are learning and growing, together. Lord, you care so much about how we are doing and you give to us and bless us even in our sleeping. May we receive you in our sleeping and waking hours, and always. Would wisdom, your wisdom, visit us often. Would we be wise; not as Solomon, but as Wisdom Himself, Jesus. Would we walk in the ways of your wisdom without fear or insecurity and would we minister as we are ministered to by your Wisdom. In all things, Lord, we are your redeemed because of your strength and what you have done for us. Help us to see our redemption in you and through you and to live out of our redemption in you, always pointing our lives to you and others to your redeeming love. There is redemption in God!

It is in the mighty name and power of Jesus Christ that we pray this.”


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