Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We are Moving to Haiti

Photo by Robbie Pruitt © 2011

The scoop

Guest post by Irene Pruitt

Irene and I are excited to share that, following God’s leading, we will be moving to Port-au-Prince, Haiti this summer. Before I get sidetracked on a stream-of-consciousness explanation of how the story has unfolded to this point (to come in future posts), I’ll lay out the facts.

Who? Irene and I are the ones moving, but we really don’t feel that we’re in this alone. We are being graciously led by a patient and generous God and supported by wonderful family and friends. (For all those who are alarmed, Anna, our dog, will be living in Columbia, SC under a joint custody agreement between Robbie’s mom and our sister-in-law and her tribe. With all those nephews and a niece running around, she’ll get more love and attention than we were ever able to offer her.)

What? We have both accepted positions at a Christian school. Robbie will be teaching high school Bible, and I, Irene, will be the guidance counselor for the whole school (kindergarten through 12th grade). We’re looking forward to doing ministry together, and are excited to collaborate with the other teachers and staff. We really resonate with the school’s mission, “to equip students with the necessary academic and spiritual training that prepares them to impact their world for the glory of God,” and hope that God can use us to further this goal for the benefit of the students, Haiti, and the Kingdom of God.

When? Our plane tickets are booked for August 2. We’ll have a week to adjust, a week of staff orientation, and then school starts. We have made a 2-year commitment to these positions, and plan to be back state-side for Christmas and summer vacations during that time.

Where? We will be working at Quisqueya Christian School, a private inter-denominational school in the Delmas neighborhood of Port-au-Prince. We’ll be living on-campus in one of the staff apartments.

Why? The short answer is that we have experienced a clear call from God to take this step. Quisqueya is an amazing school with a mission and vision that feel drawn to. We see the ways that God has prepared and equipped us for the specific positions they have offered us, and how they connect to the needs that exist in Haiti. Frederick Buechner famously said, "The place God calls you is where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet." We believe that this is just that place, and we are excited for the adventure that lies ahead.